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Monday, September 10, 2012

NEAT STUFF: [DCAAR] Messiest Ways to Kill a Zombie! [Full link to blog for email clients.]

One of the most fun panels in which I participated occurred late Sunday evening at Dragon*Con on the "Apocalypse Rising" track.  Michael Z. ("Mad Mike") Williamson and I hosted "Messiest Ways to Kill a Zombie" to a packed room - and all sorts of warped entertainment ensued.

I should first give a shout-out to Shannon Chesnut and the staff of A.R. who organized one of the wildest (yet strangely practical) tracks at Dragon*Con.  Subjects in the track included "Inside the Mall: Urban Survivalism" and "Year Two: What's Next" (which I will cover in later DCAAR blogs) to panels featuring AMC's "Walking Dead" TV show.  The track is also heavily supported (even infiltrated) by Zombie Squad.  So, Apocalypse Rising is a great track for discussion of post-apocalyptic SF, disaster preparation and recovery... and killing Zombies.

This panel was designed to be pure fun, and Mike and I have been tweaking the concept through several SF conventions this year.  Our thanks to Drew and Kristan who, frankly, didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they were tapped to fill out the panel, but performed admirably!

Now - for the premise - we're ignoring any concepts such as contagion, after all, if we have to worry about a little splatter, we're not getting messy enough.  Second, as Mike says, we're talking real zombies.  Those head-splitting creatures in Resident Evil don't count... after all, let's be realistic, folks! Third, this is all in fun, our way of joking about a very popular idea - don't read any ulterior political or ethnic "code words" into it.  Fourth, put down the beverage and food, sit back and enjoy...

Dragon*Con 2012 - The Messiest Ways to Kill a Zombie:

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