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Monday, September 17, 2012

NEAT STUFF: [DCAAR] Dragon*Con Gangnam Style [Full link to blog for email clients.]

This one is just for fun.  There's a catchy music video making the rounds of Youtube that features a variety of costumed players ("cosplay") at Dragon*Con.  It's a catchy little tune, and the video shows a great sampling of Dragon*Con people and locations. [No, we don't all cosplay - there's few looks that I could pull off that wouldn't resemble Jabba the Hut - but it certainly is fun watching the others!]

For those unfamiliar with the background, Korean pop-artist ("K-pop") PSY has a video and song out called "Gangnam Style."  The words are in Korean, but the eponymous phrase "Oppan Gangnam Style" gives a clue to the meaning behind the video images of opulence and pretension.  Translated as "living/being Gangnam style", it refers to the trendy, elite Gangnam district which conjures many of the same images to S. Koreans as Beverly Hills does to Americans. It is said that PSY intended it to poke fun at people who aspire to be rich, famous, trendy and/or opulent

Videographer Bui Minh Nhat created this video using PSY's original music, but various players from Dragon*Con [Note, this makes it parody and a derivative work - perfectly acceptable to copyright.]

Sit back, put down the beverages and enjoy!  As Gandalf says "I Approve!"

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