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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's Go to Space! [Full link to blog for email clients.]

I know I've been a bit slack in updating, but things have been a wee bit busy in the Rat Lab.

Last Fall I was invited to present some ideas for space-based biomedical research at the 3rd Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop. Following the workshop, the TVIW organizers invited me to submit a paper to the Journal of British Interplanetary Studies, and Baen Books asked me to summarize my ideas for their website.

The Baen article is here: and part one of a podcast interview with Baen's Gray Rinehart is here:

If I have the addressing scheme correct, part two should be up on 2/27/2015 here:  If not, I'll update it as necessary. When the JBIS article is released, I'll post it here. Enjoy!