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Monday, May 27, 2013

MONDAY FUNNY: A new comic [Full link to blog for email clients.]

I've just had my attention called to a new comic by Dante Sheppard.  The name is "PhD Unknown," ( and so far there's only one panel of content up so far - but Dante is promising "Fierce Creatures, Biology and Grad School."  Sounds like my kind of place.

I've been a fan of Dante Sheppard's "Surviving the World" ( for many years.  It's a simple daily comic with funny and pointed life lessons written on a blackboard.  The anachronism alone is worth it, but the observation about life, university, science and ... well, life, keeps bringing me back.

Happy Memorial Day to my U.S. friends and readers.  Lots of projects in the works.  Just this evening I recorded an interview with Stephen Euin Cobb for his "The Future and You" podcast (  We talked for nearly two hours, so it will probably be cut into a number of segments.  I'll post some links as those segments are aired. 

I'm also hard at work on my next nonfiction piece for Baen Books:  "A Terrible Thing to Lose" about science and a zombie apocalypse.  It's a companion piece for the release of John Ringo's Under a Graveyard Sky due for release in September 2013.  The article will likely run in August or September on the Baen Books website (

Enjoy the unofficial beginning of Summer, and stay tuned as I finish up the series on writing research grants and dig out more neat news from the world of brain science!

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