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Monday, October 15, 2012

NEWS: Brain Awareness - Quick Brain Facts and Video Winners [Full link to blog for email clients.]

Just a heads' up, I am at the 42nd annual Society for Neuroscience meeting this week in New Orleans.  I came across some very timely and topically info today at the society's Brain Awareness Campaign.  I've mentioned the organization before, in conjunction with the annual video contest.  I promised to provide an update on this year's contest, and here it is (

The winner was announced today (Sat. 10/13) and it's a great video.   "The Carrot" - was a collaboration between an undergraduate student, a grad student and a postdoc, and represents the international reach of the program.  You can see all of the videos at the link above, but here's the winner =================================>

Along with the "fun" aspects of promoting brain awareness, the Society sponsors "" which provides an excellent source for separating fact from myth about the brain.  It highlights recent brain research, provides links and resources for finding out more about the brain, and even has their own (text) version of mythbusters: "Neuromyths" (

Finally, I'd like to call everyone's attention to a charitable foundations that funds brain science and brain awareness - in this case, both "applied" and "basic"science - the Dana Foundation (  In the 1950's, the Charles A. Dana foundation was founded by it's namesake to fund philanthropic endeavors in eduction and the arts.  The first research grant - also in the 50's - was for cancer research, and funding for cancer continued, with the addition of brain science funding in the mid 80's.  However, in the early 90's, the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives was founded, placing the Dana Foundation in the forefront of Neuroscience research, launching Brain Awareness Week and the radio program "Gray Matters."  The Dana Foundation continues to fund cancer, brain and other science research, as well as promoting all types and levels of education; and in partnership with the Society for Neuroscience, is the leading force behind "Neuroeducation."  Many of us in the field are in their debt.

I'll be back with more from the SFN meeting as well as continuing The Lab Rats' Guide to the Brain and current news and comment in the days to come.

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