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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NEWS: Dragon*Con Appearance Schedule [Full link to blog for email clients.]

Tedd Roberts' Dragon*Con schedule. My thanks to Regina Kirby, Sue Phillips, Dru Myers and Shannon Chesnut for panel assignments.
    "Who Are you Really?" (Main Programming) Friday, Aug 31, 11:30 AM [I sense Regina's hand in this one!] "Inside the Mall: Urban Survivalism" (Apocalypse Rising Track) Friday, Aug 31, 1 PM "Read All About It: Zombies in the Media" (AR Track) Saturday, Sep 1, 11:30 AM [Note, I was a last-minute addition and am not listed in the Pocket Program for this panel] "Belief Systems in SF and Fantasy 102" (SF Literature Track) Saturday, Sep 1, 2:30 PM [Also includes some guy named John Ringo] "The Science in Science Fiction" (SF Lit) Saturday, Sep 1, 8:30 PM "Turning Science Fiction into Reality: Who funds the research?" (Science Track) Sunday, Sep 2, 10 AM "Zombie 501: The Messiest Ways to Kill A Zombie" (AR) Sunday, Sep 2, 7 PM [With fellow zombie enthusiast Michael Z. Williamson] "Not Your Granny's Pot - What's Medicinal About Marijuana?" (Science) Sunday, Sep 2, 10:30 PM "Year Two, What Now?" (AR) Monday Sep 3, 10 AM. 

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