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Saturday, July 28, 2012

UPDATE! [Full link to blog for email clients.]

Entschuldingung! Excuse me, and pardon my sudden departure and hiatus.

Preparation for the trip turned into chaos right about the time I made the last post.  Therefore I had no time to complete my last review, nor prepare much filler for the time I have been away.  There were several grant and manuscript (and administrative tasks to do before departure, but once on the road, I've been in meetings a lot of the time.  We had an excursion to Germany's Black Forest on Wednesday:

On a clear day you can see Switzerland, France  and of course Germany from a top Belchen in the Black Forest.  Then on Friday the meeting was over, and the LabRats and I headed for Basel, Switzerland, but stopped at Breisach am Main to view the cathedral.

Then on to Basel where of course we had to visit the Rathaus (town hall)...

...and buy some Swiss chocolates.  I seem to be missing a pair of LabRats, anyone seen them?

I'll try to get back onto schedule this next week.  See you then!

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