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Monday, April 30, 2012

NEAT STUFF (ish): The Revenge of Hump Day (also a brief hiatus with filler and reruns) [Full link to blog for email clients.]

The GUIDE... is complete!

Well, there's enough content for a book, anyway.  Or perhaps, I should say - for the first book.

However, it needs editing.  Smoothing.  More editing.

I am probably going to take a week or two off of blogging to do some of that over the next few weeks.

I will be running filler material: reruns of blogs that have been popular, timely, or recently the subject of questions from friends and readers.  I will try to intersperse with some book reviews, funny links, news and perhaps even a guest blog or two, to maintain interest.  It will not necessarily start this week, but I'm posting fair warning so that you know.   

In the meantime, I am going to plug an excellent fanzine.  I have recently (within the past year) become a reader, and even more recently a contributor.  The Revenge of Hump Day ( is the "official" fanzine of LibertyCon, a wonderful, relaxing SF convention held every July in Chattanooga.  [By the way, this is the 25th LibertyCon this summer, and they have a special celebration planned.  Use the link above and select "Home" from the header.]  Scroll down past the subscription link, and and you can find the link forthe most recent issue, with links to past issues below.

The Revenge is the product of the fevered mind of "Uncle Timmy" Bolgeo, engineer and founder of LibertyCon.  Every week, Uncle Timmy loads The Revenge with jokes, links, politically incorrect observation, unbelievably (true) stuff, and science, Science, SCIENCE!  A recent issue (April 11) brought us the story on how Las Vegas missed out on having an attraction based on a life-sized Starship Enterprise, news on Hugo Award nominations, a story about passengers and crew helping to deliver a baby on a flight from Ghana to Atlanta, 101 uses for "100-mph Tape" (along with the real history of duct tape), an article on revolutionary new liquid armor, the search for the black hole at the center of our galaxy, and even an article by yours truly.

I get The Revenge by email every week, and it has become a part of my Tuesday evening schedule.  Make it part of yours!

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