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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Updated NEWS: Stellarcon 2012, March 2-4, High Point, NC. [Full link to blog for email clients.][FT:C44]

Finding Baen folks at Stellarcon, Mar. 2-4.

Bar Fly Central, Suite 215.

UPDATED, with panelist changes and moderators now indicated by "(M)".
Also note my science talk "I Remember When" on Saturday at 3 PM.

Friday 4 PM, Programming 3, "Con Health", Speaker to Lab Animals, Chris Ross

Friday 5 PM, Programming 1, "Hard Science Fiction", Paula Jordan, Gray Rinehart, Speaker to Lab
Animals (M), Michael A. Stackpole, Toni Weisskopf

Friday 5 PM, Programming 3, "The Pirate Panel", Danny Birt (M), James Fulbright, Laura Haywood-Cory

Friday, 6 PM, Main Programming, “Stellarcon Opening Ceremonies”, James Fulbright, Tera Fulbright, Albin Johnson,John Kovalic, Mark Poole, Patrick Rothfuss, Brad Sappington, Michael A. Stackpole, Chris Weed, Michael Z. Williamson

Friday, 7 PM, Programming 1, “Writing Action Scenes”, Chris Berman, Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit (M), Michael Z. Williamson

Friday, 8 PM, Programming 1, "Research for the Writer", Theresa Bane (M), Paula Jordan, Karen McCullough, Speaker to Lab Animals, Amy H. Sturgis

Friday, 8 PM, Programming 2, "Short Stories and Publication", Barbara Friend Ish (M), Stuart Jaffe, Andi
Newton, Gray Rinehart

Friday, 8 PM, Programming 3, "Shooting First: Moral Ambiguity and Star Wars", Davey Beauchamp (M),
James Fulbright, Jim Minz, Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit, Michael A. Stackpole

Friday, 9 PM, Programming 3, “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse”, Brad Sappington, Speaker to Lab Animals (M), Chris Weed, Michael Z. Williamson

Friday, 9 PM, Workshops/Reading, "Filk Circle", Danny Birt, Gray Rinehart, Blibberering Humdingers


Saturday, 9 AM, Offsite, “Bar Fly Range Trip to Proshots Range in Winston-Salem” (Exit 118 off of US. 52 North, about 40 minutes from Stellarcon)

Saturday, 12 PM, Programming 1, "Character Building Workshop", Barbara Friend Ish, Steve Long (M), Gray Rinehart, Patrick Rothfuss

Saturday, 1 PM, Main Programming, “Interview with Michael Z. Williamson”, Speaker to Lab Animals (M), Toni Weisskopf(M), Michael Z. Williamson

Saturday, 2 PM, Programming 1, "The Role of the Publisher in Today’s Market", Barbara Friend Ish, John G. Hartness, J.L. Hilton (M), Misty Massey, Toni Weisskopf

Saturday, 3 PM, Programming 2, "SONAR 2012: Symposium On Nerdy Academic Research", Dr. Tedd Roberts, "I Remember When…"

Saturday 3 PM, Programming 3, "The Art of Revision", Marilynn Byerly, Tony Daniel, Laura Haywood-
Cory, Stuart Jaffe (M)

Saturday 4 PM, Main Programming, “Baen Travelling Roadshow”, Tony Daniel, Laura Haywood-Cory, Jim
Minz, Gray Rinehart, Toni Weisskopf, Michael Z. Williamson

Saturday, 6 PM, Programming 3, "I'd Rather Be _________", Danny Birt (M), Jim Minz, Janine K. Spendlove, Michael A. Stackpole, Allen Wold

Saturday, 9 PM, Programming 3, “Dystopian Literature: how political philosophy can influence depictions of dystopia”, Nicole Givens Kurtz, J.L. Hilton, Speaker to Lab Animals (M), Michael Z. Williamson

Saturday, 9 PM, Workshops/Reading, "Filk Circle", Danny Birt, Gray Rinehart, Blibberering Humdingers

Saturday, 10 PM, Programming 3, “Messiest Way to Kill a Zombie”, Dan Johnson, Stephen Mark Rainey, Brad Sappington, Chris Weed, Michael Z. Williamson (M)


Sunday 10 AM, Programming 3, “Strong Female Characters”, Diana Bastine, Chris Berman, Teresa Frohock (M), Michael Z. Williamson

Sunday 11:30 AM, Workshops/Reading, “Reading”, Michael Z. Williamson

Sunday 12 PM, Dealer Room, “Signing”, Michael Z. Williamson

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