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Monday, January 16, 2012

NEWS: The Return [Full link to blog for email clients.][FT:C15]*

OK, I've been slacking long enough.  The previous six months have seen a flurry of activity in the day job, including grant proposal *re*-submissions, scientific manuscripts sent in, revised, edited, and revised again, plus three major scientific meeting presentations, a bunch of family trips and one SF convention.

So it's a new year and we need to get this show on the road again - literally - I will be participating in Stellarcon, DeepSouthCon50, LibertyCon and Dragon*Con this year, with a possible on RavenCon.  I'm taking my appeal for accuracy of Science in Science Fiction to the cons and am pleased to participate in any serious or humorous panels that draw on scientific knowledge and background.

Put simply, SF cons are *FUN* and I enjoy them.  If you are attending any of these cons, drop by the panels or the Bar Fly Central (Baen's Barflies) and say hi!

So, for a reintroduction to this blog, I highly suggest clicking on the Tab above: "What is the Lab Rats' Guide to the Brain" which is a "sticky" post that combines many aspects of my prior posts "Back to Basics" and "Brain and Brain, what is Brain?"

My plan for this reboot is to start with today's introduction, jump right back to our discussion of brain disorders with the next several posts on Migraines, The Flurry of A's (Amnesia, Agnosia, Apraxia, Ataxia and Aphasia) and Hansen's Disease, then catch new readers up with a reprise of Brain and Brain and Back to Basics.


*For Baen's Bar  followers, I am posting this to "Baen's Bar" conference to let you know that the blog is back.  Regular mirroring of the blog will still occur in "Sarah's Diner" conference as before. 

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