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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If it's Wednesday... [Full link to blog for email clients.][FT:C44] probably means I'm trying to figure out what to blog!

Before returning to the mailbag posts, I want to take the time to post some links to recent video projects. The flip-side to Teddy's Rat Lab is the TR Productions home page which features photos and videos from various science fiction panels.  Some of the earlier work can be found at, complete with downloads in multiple file formats.  I tried hard to work out a streaming video service for the website, and need to get some of the more recent videos linked on-site.

All of the more recent work can be found at my YouTube channel: once the length and size restrictions were eased.  Particular features of the channel include the recent Dragon*Con videos.  At the upper left is the "Air Shark" swimming through the lobby of the Atlanta Hyatt Regency.  Below left is the flash mob tribute to 2011 Campbell Award nominee, NY Times bestselling author Larry Correia and his Monster Hunter International series.

Several of the videos are short subjects, promotions, teasers, and music ("filk") - some are much longer full panels and skits from various SF conventions.  For Music, check out "Monster Hunter Ballad" written and sung by Gray Rinehart (by the way, there's more coming from Gray as soon as I can get the video processed).  For pure zombie-hunting fun, watch "Killing the Undead" a pro-writer panel from last year's LibertyCon - but for absolute zaniness, there's "The Making of Ghost: The Movie" in several versions, the YouTube HD release of the Dragon*Con 2008 version, and the download version of the LibertyCon preview skit available on the website.

There are many panels uploaded, and more to come.  Keep watching for new releases.  Like, subscribe or friend the channel, share the videos, comment, and rate them.


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