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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blood Science, Part 6 [Full link to blog for email clients.][FT:C44]

[This is Part 6 of my original short story "Blood Science" - a tongue-in-cheek look at a scientist trying to write Science Fiction and Fantasy from a logical perspective.  See the "Coming Soon" tab above for more on the upcoming schedule, including the return to The Lab Rats Guide to the Brain.]

"... What's he doing? Drinking it?" 

Bob looked up at Jen.  She tried to stifle a giggle, failed, and finally let it develop into full blown laughter.  Bob just stared.  She was getting short of breath from the laughter and gasped out:  "Drinking it?” Gasp. “Vlad the Impaler?” Cough. “Are you serious? Gasp. “You're serious!” Giggle. “That is so funny!"

Bob began to smile.  "Yeah, now that you mention it.  Maybe Vlad – I mean Emil, Geoff and the Night Crew students all got sick from drinking bad blood.  Oh!  Bad Blood.  Yeah, I gotta write that down.  Ha!  Great title, great story idea."

Recovering her composure Jeanette gathered up the signed papers and quickly retreated from the office, the occasional giggle still escaping between deep breaths. 

Good thing I don't have any impending deadlines, Bob thought.  Freshly inspired he brought up his short story on the word processor, erased the title and quickly rewrote the opening scene …

Bad Blood, a short story by Bob Edwards

"Van Helsing *never* had to deal with this," thought Prof. Mary Sue Robberts, author of "Blood Science: The Medical Truth about Vampires."

She looked around the blood bank.  "Vampires? You think vampires did this?"  Her glance took in the broken glass, overturned boxes, empty plastic IV bags and blood smeared over every surface.  She looked at the policeman in disbelief.  "Haven't *any* of you people read my book?"

It was late afternoon when he wrote the closing scene:

"So, they contaminated the blood and trashed the blood bank to force the vampires out in the open?" asked Inspector Gordon.

"Oh yes, the Twenty-first Century is oh so convenient for the modern vampire." Prof. Robberts couldn't pass up the chance to lecture. "Fresh blood comes in disposable bags.  No hunting and no risk of contracting a rare disfiguring disease.  Not to mention all of the intoxicants and drugs you find in the blood of 'nubile maidens' these days.  It's so civilized, but without the blood bank they had to get their blood the old fashioned way."

"So the trap was set, and now we have three less vampires in Triad City.  But who were the hunters?"

"We may never know.  An ancient order, at best guess.  We owe them a debt of gratitude whoever they are."

"We owe them a place in my jail" growled Gordon.  "There's no room for vigilantes in Triad City."

"Don't be so harsh, Inspector.  After all, you called me a vigilante when we first met." 

"Ah, but you're the prettiest vigilante I'd ever met."  Gordon stopped, embarrassed, and stared at his feet.  After a moment he cleared his throat. "Ah, I don't suppose you'd care to have a cup of coffee?"

"Why Inspector!  I never thought you'd ask!"   Robberts put her arm through Gordon's and steered him out the door.  "I know this great little diner that's open all night Thursday to Sunday…"

Bob breathed a sigh of relief, closed the file, opened an email window and quickly sent the manuscript off to Sara before he changed his mind and re-wrote the story for the third time.  

There was an email from Jen.  Dr. Rose had called in sick and asked if Bob would post a note for the class and refer him to the review material on his website.  Dr. Tepes would be in at six and thanked Bob for approving the transfer.  

[To be concluded, in the next installment of "Blood Science."]

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