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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A glimpse of things to come... [Full link to blog for email clients.][FT:C44]

[Today's regularly scheduled post was released a day early to tie-in with online discussions regarding 3-D and other visual effects used in filmmaking.  See the "Too Much Stimulation" blog from May 9th for details.  Therefore, today's post is largely administrative, and to provide a schedule for upcoming topics and events over the next two months.]

Due to numerous research grant application deadlines over the next few months, not to mention an extensive travel schedule for June, I have decided to map out the next two months in blogs.

The current chapter of The Lab Rats Guide to the Brain is focused on function.  This outline (and dates of the respective blogs) of the section is as follows:
  • · "You think you've got chemistry" - April 26-28
  • · "What's the Code?" - May 2-4
  • · "The Five Senses" - May 6-10
  • · "Controlling the body" - May 12-14
  • · "…and Everything in Between"
                  o Emotion - May 16-18
                  o Motivation - May 20-22
                  o Sense of Identity - May 24-26
                  o Thought vs. Intelligence - May 30-June 4
                  o Memory - June 6-10
                  o Dreams - June 12-14

Right around the first of June will be when the first of the grant application deadlines hits, so Memory and Dreams will be recaps of material covered when discussing the Temporal Lobe and Hippocampus (Memory) and a recap of the "Dreams" posts from January/February with which I rebooted the blog.

I leave June 14th to start a 15-day trip that will take me from home to Los Angeles, CA, then off to Aberdeen, Scotland (my *second* home, so to speak) for a grant and scientific writing conference.  On the return I will spend several days visiting London, Bath and Reading, England to see old friends, colleagues and (hopefully) future students. I return to the U.S. on June 28.

For the period that I will be out of town, I will serialize a light-hearted short story that I wrote involving a rather clueless academic who is challenged to write something that he just doesn't feel is very scientific. I do not feel that I can sustain the momentum to finish The Guide with a two week interruption, and thought I would present you with some original fiction from a scientists' perspective.

So, the serialized Original Short Fiction: "Blood Science"will appear in the blog from June 16-28

I may have some travelogue-style posts from the trip to appear in the blog either interspersed with the serial, or to appear on my return , June 29-30.

I am planning a wrap-up/recap of the Guide chapter on Brain Function - July 2nd.

July 4th will be special content, then the penultimate chapter of The Lab Rats Guide to the Brain: Diseases and Disorders will start on or after July 4th.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more Lab Rats, more Brain, and more of the Guide!

Starting of the final chapter - Brain Diseases and Disorders - Coming July 2011

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